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Richard D Shepherd


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Richard D Shepherd

Richard D. Shepherd is leading a digital revolution at DeNovo by maximising on business intelligence strategies and leveraging proven technology to optimise performance. As a technologist, he enhances the team’s ability to identify and manage risks, and swiftly make informed decisions through data integration, process optimisation, and the implementation of interactive technology solutions that focus on business value and user experience. DeNovo’s successful unmanned offshore operations and centrally connected communication and controls system are results of Richard’s innovative design and development strategies as Chief Technical Officer. Richard has a consistent track record of positive digital disruption in the Financial Services Sector as well as in the Energy Industry. He increased cybersecurity and enterprise system efficiencies as Assistant Vice President – Group IT Shared Services at Guardian Group, and consistently increased revenue generation annually through strategic collaboration, new revenue stream creation, and prudent cost management as Vice President – Electronic Services at Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation. Building on his foundation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from John Donaldson Technical Institute, Richard gained a BSc (honours) in Computing and Information Systems at London Metropolitan University and an MBA – Business Administration and Management from Anglia Ruskin University.