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Joseba Calvo Barrio


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Joseba Calvo Barrio

Joseba is an international data center professional and businessman. He has extensive hands-on technical knowledge and excellent commercial expertise, a combination that has made him successful in all of his ventures. He has cofounded several successful data center companies and has over 18 years of experience in various roles including project management for the complete construction of data centers and IT services for hundreds of companies worldwide. Joseba holds international certifications for data center design, build, governance, operations, migration, standards and compliance; such as the CDCE®, CTDC®, CTIA®, CDFOM®, CDMS®, CDRP®. He holds certifications on the EPI IT Management Framework consisting of CITS© and CITP®. He is also an ANSI/TIA-942 and DCOS® Auditor and Consultant, ISO 27000 lead auditor and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and ISO/IEC 9000 consultant. A dynamic person with a wealth of experience, Joseba has been invited to present in dozens of conferences globally and in private events for his expert knowledge on data centers and mission critical sites.