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Fabian Taylor


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Fabian Taylor

Fabian spends most of his time being a creative thinker, building ideas, tinkering with technology, creating art, music and developing businesses. Currently, he splits his time between being an entrepreneur and founder of the New York based company, Push Ventures and a Creative Consultant specializing in Experience Design, Technology Business Development and Growth Hacking. He has been fortunate enough to have lead and produce some of today’s top interactive and technology projects for some of the world’s biggest brands. From, app development & big data mapping to strategy and enterprise digital transformation, American Express, Dell, Google, Verizon, Frito-Lay and HBO all share this space. At Push, his current business and creative exploration, the focus is building technology startup ideas, business acceleration and funding. Push Media, the supportive media company, produces various tv shows, online content and other interactive media. This company is a core part of the his new startup Digital Blend. He also explores his passion of music production and sound design through Push Music, the music and entertainment company.