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Ariadne “Addie” Morgan


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Ariadne “Addie” Morgan

Ariadne Morgan is an Executive of the End User Computing portfolio of the VMWare AirWatch for Caribbean and Central America. She began her professional career with AirWatch in 2015 with a portfolio focused on the management of enterprise mobility (EMM), and then becoming part of the VMware team in 2016 where not only manages the Mobility portfolio but is also the desktop and application virtualization sales (Horizon) and sales of the Digital Transformation (Workspace One). All of these are part of VMware's new End User Computing (EUC) portfolio. Prior to VMware AirWatch, Ariadne was responsible for managing and growing the sales portfolio of telecom software (mediation and interconnection) for mobility companies in the Caribbean and Central America markets. In Curacao, UTS and Digicel were her primary customers. She has also worked with telephone companies in North and South America to undertake new projects for internal application deployment and management. She has a Master’s Degree in International Business, a B.S. Degree in Management and various certifications in Sales and Project Management. Ariadne was born in Panama City, Panama and currently lives in Atlanta, GA USA where the End User Computing Headquarters for VMWare is located.