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Code Challenge

What is the Code Challenge?

bmobile’s Code Challenge is a 2-day technology development competition, where 5 selected teams will compete for a significant cash prize that supports you and your team for an entire six months.

During the competition, the 5 teams must focus on building a technology idea with a business model that can be beneficial to bmobile’s business, business services, clients and or the region. The winning team will be placed in a 6-month program to commercialize or integrate their product through bmobile’s New Accelerator Program.

The bmobile Code Challenge will be held on January 28th and 29th 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad & Tobago.

Why are we doing a Code Challenge?

Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago need to implement and sustain global ICT & IoT standards to meet high degrees of operational efficiency, lower costs structures and more-so compete globally.  bmobile wishes to meet the needs of our business clients and invest in the development of technology through entrepreneurs. Technology innovations happen throughout the world and we believe that Trinidad & Tobago, along with the Caribbean, should be part of it. We are establishing the Code Challenge to help foster the future of technology innovation. Our vision is to create a much needed sustainable technology ecosystem which benefits our citizens, businesses and the region.

Code Challenge

FAQs/Things you should know

What types of ideas are we looking for?

We are looking for new technologies that use Apps, SAAS, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and modern technologies (Big Data, Data Mining, Voice Recognition, Chat Bots, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Crypto Currency, etc) . We see these as the global changes in the future that can be leveraged inside bmobile business operations or for our clients (personal or corporate). We want entrepreneurs to show the use of these tools so we can leverage them internally or show our clients new technological solutions available to them. bmobile is going to work with the chosen team to further develop their product, integrate it into our internal processes or make it available to our personal or corporate clients.

bmobile has a large corporate clientele base across the Caribbean that uses our current services: Cloud Services, Data Services, Security, Mobile, and Voice Services. 

Lastly, your idea can also leverage bmobile’s current data sets or technology platform to produce new solutions, services or insights. For example, think about developing a modern technology solution using bmobiles services for flooding in Trinidad & Tobago, for traffic congestion or for security & crime. We look forward to your ideas.

What are the Prizes?

The winning team will be awarded:

  1. Cash prize of $100,000 to support building their product for a period of 6 months. 
  2. The first recipient of the bmobile Code Challenge Award
  3. Placement into the new Accelerator Program designed to make their business successful.

The Runner-ups will get free or discounted services from bmobile and technology partners.

Will the winning team receive the prize money immediately after the competition?

No, the prize money will be granted to the winning team in tranches based on meeting deliverables. Our objective is to help the team commercialize and integrate and make their business sustainable.

Does the winning team need to commit to anything?

Yes, by entering the Code Challenge, the 5 teams must:

  1. Provide testimonials about their experience leading up to, during and after the Code Challenge.
  2. Provide testimonials regarding using bmobile products or services, Use bmobile products or services where applicable (services such as bmobile Cloud or Machine 2 Machine will be provided)
  3. The winning team from the Code Challenge must also give bmobile first preference to use their product or service before approaching any other company to be a client.
  4. The winning team will be placed in a 6-month program to commercialize, integrate or partner with bmobile.
Who can apply?

Anyone can apply, but you must apply as a team. Only teams of 3 will be accepted for the challenge.

bmobile employees and employees from the Code Challenge sponsor companies will not be able to partake in the Code Challenge. See Team Requirements for more details.

Must it be a new idea or an existing idea?

You can have an existing idea but it must have started within the last two years (less than 2 years old) and must not be fully developed. In other words, the idea must still be in the development stage.

Why a 2-year limit? If it’s fully developed, the code challenge will not be of any benefit.

What is the application process?
  1. Maximum of 3 persons per team.
  2. Teams must be made up of at least one software developer and one business person.
  3. All team members must be able to attend the events and activities scheduled for the challenge. This includes:
    • Orientation Session – 16th January 2019
    • Pitch Practice Session – 16th January 2019
    • Code Challenge – 29th and 30th January 2019
  4. Teams can be comprised of persons from any discipline, any age, and from any background. Students and student teams are encouraged to apply.
  5. Persons must be a resident of a Caribbean country.  If a team is chosen from outside of Trinidad & Tobago, that team is responsible for travel and accommodation to the Code Challenge.  Trinidad & Tobago teams must attend all events.
What are the team requirements?
  1. To apply to Code Challenge, use the form link on this page. All fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in.  
  2. For your application you are required to submit a video introducing yourselves, explaining what you’re doing and why. The video should be 2 minutes long (nothing longer) and should be uploaded to YouTube. If you don’t want other people to find it, mark it as unlisted. Don’t mark it as private or disallow embedding, or we won’t be able to see it. You can also tell us anything else you want to about the founders or the project.
What is the application judging process?

Application Judging Process: Applications will be reviewed by bmobile and top technology leaders. What makes a strong application? Be clear and concise about your idea. Answer all questions, be yourself. After reviewing all the applications, 15 semi-finalists will be chosen for interviews. The top 5 will be chosen to attend the Code Challenge.

What is the application timeline?

Applications for the Code Challenge is still open apply now for a chance to accelerate your business or idea with bmobile!

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